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September 30, 2015


They say variety is the spice of life and if you ever find yourself travelling through Istanbul, one will truly appreciate that very sentiment while exploring the amazing cuisine. In fact it’s a given, that if you visit Istanbul you can’t leave without doing a food tour. Food is the heart and soul of this country and to miss out on a food tour will have you missing out on a deeply cultural facet of Turkey.  This brings me to Turkish Flavours, a food tour company that has captured the heart and soul of the food journey market through Turkey.
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I was invited to experience the real side of Turkey, through the Turkish Flavours food tour, getting to know a country through it’s incredible food. Turkish flavours is a local company founded by Selin Rozanes, who is an expert in the culinary field and a travel specialist. Turkish Flavours offers the traveller a variety of tours that goes far beyond a simple walking food tour. This is what sets Turkish Flavours apart from any other tour groups operating in Istanbul. Selin opens her home for cooking classes, personally guided gourmet food walks, wine tasting, sailing food tours and you can even tailor you own experience to suit your needs. There is no aspect of food left uncovered by Turkish Flavours, even offering food experiences to corporate groups and meetings.

I was invited as a guest to experience the gourmet walking food tour in Istanbul. Below is a recount of my fabulous experience getting to know Istanbul through food. Not only did I receive an education on cuisine but I was able to learn what Turkish life is like for both a modern day era and over hundreds of years ago during the Ottoman rule. The family traditions, history and story telling in-between made for a well rounded journey.

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